Born and raised in Culver City, California, Carrasco attended Catholic school before pursuing her artistic education. She later collaborated with prominent activists like Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta, further shaping her commitment to social justice. Through her cutting-edge murals and other works, Carrasco powerfully addresses historical and contemporary issues, highlighting the contributions and struggles of the Chicano community. Her art reflects her deep cultural roots and aims to uplift and empower marginalized communities.

Barbara Carrasco’s art style is marked by bold, vibrant colors and intricate compositions that blend realism and surrealism. Her meticulous attention to detail and strong sense of narrative make her work compelling and impactful. Carrasco’s themes focus on social justice, cultural identity, feminism, and the experiences of marginalized communities, with a particular emphasis on the Chicano/Chicana community.

Barbara Carrasco discusses meeting Cesar Chavez at UCLA when she was 19, which inspired her to create art for the United Farm Workers. Initially rejected by UCLA’s art department, she confronted the dean about the lack of diversity and was eventually admitted. Barbara became the first female editor of UCLA’s Chicano newspaper, leading the male staff to quit. She worked with the American Indian Movement and supported Leonard Peltier during his trial.

She also touches on graphic artist Shepard Fairey’s appropriation of her and other artists’ work, emphasizing her commitment to original and authentic political art. She involved community participation in creating murals, including one at Veterans Park. Identifying as a Chicana artist, she remembers activists like Artie Maldonado from the UFW, who was killed in 1993

Mike Bravo

Mike Bravo is a 5th generation Chicano-P'urhepecha centered in Venice, CA. He is a lettering artist, community scribe, and Indigenous activist with a 22+ year record of remarkable civil rights successes.

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