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Frank Casillas of Santa Monica

Frank Casillas: A Living History of Santa Monica

Frank Casillas is not just a 95-year-old man. He's witness to the hidden history of Santa Monica..

Frankie Duarte— Westside Boxing Legend

Frankie Duarte is a West Los legend and treasure. Legendary boxer, great guy, and also a champion outside the boxing ring.

Phyllis Castro of West LA

A glimpse into the life of Phyllis Castro who raised in West Los neighborhood of Sawtelle.
Chang - Chicano old-timer from Barrio Venice, CA

Chang: How the Venice Winos got their name

Venice old timer Chang, briefly shares how the Venice Winos click got their name.

Our Mission

At “West Los Stories,” our mission is to amplify the visibility of the culture bearers of West Los Angeles with a focus on Brown, Indigenous, Black, and other marginalized communities and cultures. Our aim is to uncover and highlight the beautiful, untapped histories that have formed the fabric of our neighborhoods in a way that mitigates the white centricity of most local historical narratives. We are committed to uplifting a deeper awareness of this territory’s history, fostering sincere representation, and using as a tool for equity and community empowerment… read more


Latest West Los Stories..

Frank Casillas of Santa Monica
Chang - Chicano old-timer from Barrio Venice, CA