The stories of our West Los community elders are rich with history, wisdom, and resilience. With each elder’s passing, invaluable memories and lessons risk being lost. Many communities in Westside LA boast vibrant, yet uncelebrated histories. By not acknowledging these local histories, we deepen the marginalization and invisibility of our local heroes and collective memories as culture bearers of West Los.

While our current priority has been amplifying the voices of the Mexican/Chicano elders in Westside LA, it is also a principle to include narratives from diverse age groups, communities, and subcultures that often remain in the shadows of mainstream historical accounts.

We invite individuals who have grown up on the Westside (Culver City, Sawtelle, Santa Monica, Venice, etc) to share their memories and stories. Every individual, irrespective of social status, has weathered challenges and made lasting memories — each story is a testament to our collective resilience. Our community is teeming with unsung heroes, pioneering trendsetters, and families whose roots and bonds surpass the confines of a single neighborhood or varrio.

If you or someone you know has born & raised, or nurtured by the West Los and has tales, socil/cultural insights, or cherished memories to share, reach out to us. Email us at: miguel at or connect with us on our social media platforms. We’re here to listen and spotlight your stories.

Latest West Los Stories..

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Richard Cortez of venice sitting on a bench
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