“You Can’t Love Anyone You Don’t Know.”


At “West Los Stories,” our mission is to amplify the visibility of the culture bearers of West Los Angeles with a focus on Chicano, Indigenous, Black, and other marginalized communities and social cultures that have been neglected by mainstream historians.

We aim to uncover and highlight the beautiful, untapped histories that have formed the fabric of our neighborhoods in a way that mitigates the white-centricity of most local historical narratives. We are committed to uplifting a deeper awareness of this territory’s history, fostering sincere representation, and using our histories as a tool for equity and community empowerment

Our purpose transcends the documentation of individual and communal stories. We strive to bridge generations through shared testimonies which in turn may uncover previously unknown or overlooked histories. We also focus on disengaging from cliche themes to shift focus towards the profound angles of our West Los Angeles community’s experiences and contributions.

Our goal is to build a robust library of oral history testimonies. These voices are not just testimonies; they serve as powerful tools for personal growth, community unification, and political empowerment. We stand for the right to self-determination and the need for a more inclusive account of our past, encouraging families and communities to partake in shaping their own narratives.

These West Los Stories will help us form a more comprehensive understanding of Chicano and marginalized Westside history. As we accumulate stories, we will discover new things about our communities to take pride in. It is also our desire for these stories and information to be a resource for future generations to understand themselves, as well as a resource for cultural and sociological reflections.

  • To understand and appreciate each other, as people, neighborhoods, and subcultures
  • Authentic representation that doesn’t extract from, but rather serves our communities’ purposes
  • Inspire pride and knowledge in our families’ histories, migrations, experiences
  • Understand how our local families, neighborhoods, and communities are connected beyond boundaries
  • Inspire knowledge of self and research into our beautiful history on our terms
  • Create and control our community’s historical resources from the ground up
  • Connect with and inspire future generations with experiential wisdom

Latest West Los Stories..

Lindsey Haley Chicana Writer
Richard Cortez of venice sitting on a bench
west los angeles gardner man
Frank Casillas of Santa Monica
Chang - Chicano old-timer from Barrio Venice, CA